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Baby Favs

2 Jun

Keira is my 2 1/2-year-old daughter.  What a little trip.  I want to just eat her up sometimes and she just wants to eat up these glorious kids’ foods…

1.  Annie’s Honey Bunny O’s

I only paid about $5 for this box of kids’ cereal from the Whole Foods Market down the street.  Expensive?  Yes.  But Keira loves them and devours a whole bowl of it with a splash of milk almost every morning (along with strawberries, a bite of my oatmeal, a sip of my protini… what a mini piggy!).  For a kid who went from eating almost nothing every day to practically begging me to buy these for her, I couldn’t say no.

2.  Clif Kid Z Bar (s’mores flavor)

This is a protein bar for kids.  It’s got lots of essential nutrients that are difficult for some parents to get their kids to eat.  They taste really good too.  Keira prefers the s’mores flavor because it’s “not too chocolate” as opposed to the chocolate chip and chocolate brownie flavors.  I take these with me on the go in case there’s the inevitable hungry-meltdown strikes.

– Alex