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5K Day

16 Jun

Yesterday, Mama Roy and I ran our first 5K together!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to participate in more races… I’d like to find a 10K to compete in this summer – now THAT would be awesome.

When I run in the morning, I keep myself at around a 10-minute mile.  It’s a comfortable pace for me.  Could I go slower?  Of course.  Could I go faster?  Yeah, I definitely could – but it would give me that gasping-for-air type feeling and I personally like to keep at a more comfortable pace for the duration of 5 miles.

Race day, though, is a little different as far as my pace goes.  Between nerves and excitement, I ended up really pushing harder than I had anticipated.  I finished my 5K in 27 minutes and 14 seconds, making my pace 8:46/mile.  I was really proud of myself and more importantly I loved the feeling of running a race and crossing the finish line.

Fueling your body properly before a race (or any kind of workout) is pretty important.  The food you eat prior to your workout could contribute to how hard you’re really “sticking it out”.  Running, in particular, requires good carb intake.  I don’t eat at all in the mornings before my runs because I go so early that I just can’t stomach anything.  But in the case of yesterday’s race that took place at 6:30 in the evening, I knew that what I ate during the day beforehand would ultimately effect my performance.

I researched here and there a little bit to figure out what to eat before a race and more importantly when to eat.  I already knew that carbs and proteins are essential before a race but what I didn’t realize is that fats can give you a feeling of fullness that lasts hours without weighing your stomach down.  I’m not talking about greasy crap-food from 5 Guys.  I’m talking about healthy unsaturated fats that is in…. peanut butter, for example.  This is the article I read that makes me feel less guilty about my(often large) spoonful of peanut butter daily ritual.

And so, I decided that three hours prior to racing I would eat a bowl of overnight oats… a meal inspired by my good friend at Chocolate and Chaturangas.  It wasn’t made exactly how Evan’s incredible recipes state (she’s got LOTS and I’ve tried almost every single one) because  a meal too high in density would linger in my stomach during the race which is something I wanted to avoid.  I simply soaked 1/2 cup old fashioned oats in 1 1/2 cups of water and zapped it in the microwave for about 4 minutes.  I let them cool to room temp for a while and then stuck them in the fridge for about 8 hours.  I added a spoonful of Greek nonfat vanilla yogurt (to give it body and creaminess), a touch of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and then stirred it around til it was nice and creamy.  I swirled a tbsp. of peanut butter throughout and sliced up 1/2 a banana in there.  Hello, running fuel.  And thank you, Evan!

Looks good, right?  But please, do yourselves a favor and get the real deal right here.

– Alex