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Where’s the dirty?

8 Jun

I realize this blog isn’t dirty yet, trust me.  But I’ve been the one posting so far while my sister (in-law) Jackie works all day long.  Being a stay-at-home mama does come with its perks like having a few minutes in my morning to blog while Keira eats her breakfast and especially during nap time (YAY for nap time!!).

Jackie is the dirty birdy.  Well, my mind falls into the gutter quite often as well but it’s JACKIE who really takes it to the next level.  I promise you as soon as Jackie gets a minute, you’ll be laughing soon… right Jack??

Don’t get us wrong here.  This blog is intended to share healthy recipes and good fitness and nutrition tips.  But who doesn’t like a laugh every now and then?  We promise it won’t be a blog Grandma would turn her nose up at.  We have parents and grandparents too, even if they don’t know how to navigate through the interweb!!

Since the name of this blog is “Clean Plates, Dirty Minds” and there has YET to be even a single dirty reference, I thought I’d share a picture I took last week while grocery shopping.  Now, I go grocery shopping at least once a week.  So that means at least once a week I’m in the nuts section (ha-ha).  Ever since starting up a solid workout regimen almost 5 months ago, my body has started intensely craving salt.  It used to be sweets (don’t get me wrong, I still get those once in a while) but I think since I’ve been sweating a whole lot more daily (with exercising and whatnot), my body is starting to crave that saltiness I lose while working out.

After starting my new healthy lifestyle, I switched from snacking on cookies and crapola of that nature to mixed nuts – salted of course.  Here’s what I found at my local Stop & Shop… it gave me quite the giggle.  The best (actually, more like inappropriate) part about this is that these are on a shelf fit for the eye level of a child!

And since it’s Wednesday….Happy Hump Day!!

– Alex